Tax Cuts and Job Act Seminar Success

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On March 9th 2018, the Hub Huddle hosted a presentation on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act given by our very own Kevin Santry. During the hour presentation a few of the following topics on the agenda were discussed: Qualified Business Income, Planning (Small Business), C-Corp Tax Rates, Business credits, Loss Limitation, Net Operation Loss, Business Interest, Cost Recovery and Depreciation, Accounting Methods, Like Kind Exchange, Compensation, Foreign Income, and Q&A. If you are interested in any information on these topics feel free to email us at or call our office (563) 293-8390.

The Hub Huddle is focused on an opportunity for manufacturing leaders to share, on a peer-to-peer basis, best practices for growth and strategies to overcoming challenges. Ending their sessions with a need/ lead segment were the manufactures have the option to share a need they could have. The purpose is to cultivate conversation among each other to help with problems they might be facing. Either by offering services or advice. They could also share a lead where they have been recently successful and can offer advice on how others could follow their lead.

After the presentation the Hub Huddle becomes a networking opportunity for those that have participated. Were you can share stories, offer advice, discuss business, and get to know each each other.

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