Attracting the Best Talent out of Colleges


Twice a year, students are coming out of college looking for a job that’s right for them. In today’s day and age, this group of people are looking for a wide variety of perks. A company’s ability to offer these perks can significantly impact a potential new hire’s decision to come on board.

Most Attractive Offerings

What your company can offer to their employees can either attract new ones or push them away. The most attractive offerings to graduating students in this generation are compensation plans, opportunities for advancement, and technology.

Compensation Plans

When most people think of compensation, they just think of how much money is going to be paid. This is a common misconception that most people entering the workforce now struggle understanding. It is important that companies demonstrate what they can offer in terms of what they can pay and what other plans they can provide. Those other plans need to include certain benefits including paid time off (PTO), health and other medical insurances, retirement plans, continuing education, etc. The more of these you can offer and present to this group of people, the more success you will have in hiring the best talent in your related field.

Opportunities for Advancement

People in this generation are also extremely interested in career development. As a company, you need to be able to provide opportunities for advancement. According to Forbes, 87% of millennials say that career development and job advancement are important to them when looking for a job. If your company is a flat organization where it is not growing or turning over positions, you need to seriously think about reorganizing to a structure that will.


In today’s world, technology is everything. Millennials are attached to technology and the more you can offer, the better. Technology you need to offer includes updated computers and monitors, presentation screens, and phones. Technology that is icing on the cake includes tablets, iPads, and work cell phones.

Important Factors

Work-Life Balance

A balance between work and outside life is important for any employee. In order to attract the best talent coming out of college, employers need to offer flexible hours, holidays off, and vacation days. “Flexible hours” means the ability to come to work late or leave early for a valid reason and make up the time in another day. This allows employees to be able to do things in their life that need to be done during the week without any problems.

Social Interactions

  • Many people entering the workforce for the first time need positive social interactions in the workplace. It is a must that coworkers are friendly, engaging, and collaborative. This eliminates those nervous feelings and allows for successful work.
  • Another great attraction is the use of off-site events. Company retreats, trips, and picnics are an excellent way to blow off some of the stress caused by work-related activities. Not only will this allow employees to blow off some steam, but it will also give them a chance to enhance relationships with coworkers.
  • To young professionals, free company gear can mean a lot. Things like T-shirts, polos, backpacks, hats, and jackets all branded by the company will make an impact. Employees will be able to show off and market the company while enjoying the luxury of free gear.

Company’s Purpose

Lastly, most people want a job that has a purpose; the ability to work for a reason other than just a paycheck. If a company has its values, purpose, and mission developed in full, it can bring more attention to employee candidates. While searching for a job, potential employees can match up a company’s values with their own, as well as seeing the purpose and the mission. This allows them to find the job that’s right for them.

If a company doesn’t offer most of these perks, they’re most likely not going to attract the best talent.



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