Why I Chose a Small Business over a Large Company


Each company has their benefits as well as their negatives; regardless if they are a small or large company. For personal reasons we make our choices based on a variety of opinions. Looking at what each type of can offer a college graduate we can decide individually which is a right fit for you and your preferences.

What Large Companies Can Offer Recent College Graduates

Large companies benefit the college graduate through brand name association, co-workers, social aspects, and networking. Disadvantages of large companies such as feeling insignificant and being singled into a specific role. 

Brand Name Association

For a large company, the brand name has an immense impact. For example, companies like Google have absolutely no problem attracting employment-seeking individuals solely based on their brand name. Just by having that brand attached, employees automatically gain an advantage in future job searching processes. That advantage lies in the fact that they can get almost any other job that they want merely because that brand name is highlighted on their resume.

Co-Worker Camaraderie

The next thing that these large companies can offer is relatable coworkers. Whether it be at an intern level or at the fresh out of college level, there will be other people in the same exact position as you. Other new-hires will be joining this company around the same time, which gives a sense of relatability and ability to collaborate more effectively. This offering is a huge advantage for these companies. These new-hires will feel more comfortable and less stressed out starting off their jobs knowing that there will be others in the same position to relate to.

Social Benefits

As for a social aspect, it is believed that large companies can have both an advantage and disadvantage. The benefit comes in networking. As we know, with big corporations or firms, comes a much greater number of employees. The ability to be able to network yourself with as many people as possible is a huge turn on for potential new-hires for it can benefit them tremendously throughout their career.

Feeling Insignificant

The major disadvantage is that to this large company, you will start as just another number to them and it will be harder to create more interpersonal relationships with coworkers.

Singled into One Position

In a big company, they will typically only allow you to work in the field that they need you in the most. Then when you want to go to a different company, they might want you for something else that you have no experience in.

What Small Businesses Can Offer Recent College Graduates

Small businesses offer their own unique benefits, mainly due to the ability to engage on a more personal level. As well as offer flexibility within the company.

Hands On

At a smaller company, a recent college graduate will be engaged in a more hands on experience in more than just one field. The experiences are by far more practical and transferable.

Business Insights and Exposure

Small businesses can offer insights and exposure to more components of how the business is ran. This will allow a recent graduate to develop and grow in multiple aspects of their professional career. Also, skills you learn from working at a small business are considerably more likely to be useful in the future if you decide to work elsewhere.

Social Benefits

Social interactions and contributions in a small business bring several advantages to a young professional. Here they will have a mentor that will work more closely and frequently with just them. These mentors share their experience through stories that they have experienced through their careers. Regardless if the stories are specific to the company or the past jobs that they have experienced. The reduced boundaries are a big plus in growth and experience building through one-on-one training interactions.

Feeling Significant

they will feel more meaningful to the group rather than just another number in a large group. This is also true because your ideas, opinions, and suggestions are taken much more seriously while at a small business.

Co-Worker Benefits

You begin to gain a sense of camaraderie with coworkers and management. You will be receiving honest feedback based on your ideas. Giving the opportunity to brainstorm or spitball ideas with co-workers that have the same goal; building the company up.

Small Businesses Win

Based on these thoughts and offerings, I would choose a small business over a large company 10 times out of 10. If a small company is the right fit for you and your preferences, it makes much more sense to go along that route than be potentially miserable at a large company. In my recent experience along with talking to friends who joined large companies out of college, I truly believe that I made the right decision and would hope that many others decide to follow along the same path.

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