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Understand. Communicate. Measure.

A Strategic Model For Workflow and Communication

Santry 360 offers consulting in a new an improved way. By having creative, experienced, and innovative professionals who strive to understand your goals.


Our 360 Approach empowers your business through metrics, process, innovation and collaboration to find effective solutions both inside and outside the box. Each service is offered in order to accomplish your goals,

The services were developed in order to help businesses at different stages. These stages are determined by your business and one of our trained consultants. After a consultation with a consultant, we will develop a client intake evaluation. This evaluation breaks down your business: what you think is working, what you believe the business struggles with, and any ideas you want to develop. This gives your consultant the ability to best serve you.

After the evaluation is developed the consultant will walk you through the results in detail and answer any questions. 

The first step is crucial in the future development of a relationship between our consultants and you. After the evaluation is discussed, as partners in progression; together we will develop a game plan to ensure success.



Santry 360 provides clients with focused direction through clearly defined goals and Key Performance Indicators.

​Our experts focus on educating clients on how to utilize financial statement analytics as a management tool, which will impact the way their organization operates.


Santry 360 adds value to organizations by providing insight and guidance that leads to continuous improvement.

Our experts focus on lean manufacturing and operational KPI techniques that alleviate their toughest challenges.


Santry 360 facilitates change for our clients through collaboration to create strategic plans to maintain relevancy and leadership in their industry.

​Our experts focus on process assessments and evaluations to help our clients identify how they can strategically utilize technology to improve process and innovate.


Santry 360 believes in working environments which promote the inclusion of all employees, from owners to production staff.

​Our experts assist clients to develop solutions and business processes, that are team and goal oriented, allowing for clear and measurable actions to take place.

The Key is Communication Every Step of the Way






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