Hub Huddle: Elevate Advanced Manufacturing


On April 13, 2018 the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce hosted their monthly Hub Huddle sponsored by Northwest Bank. The topic for discussion was the efforts Elevate Advanced Manufacturing have been spear-heading to help workforce development. Alexandra Monaghan is an Elevate program coordinator, spending her time traveling throughout the state of Iowa to spread a positive perception of the manufacturing industry. This is achieved by connecting with students (K-12th), educators of Iowa community colleges, and manufactures to help fill the skills gap in the state.

Elevate Advanced Manufacturing:

a statewide, integrated marketing campaign to promote careers and educational pathways in advanced manufacturing. This begins with building a positive perception of these careers while addressing misconceptions of work environment, safety, and wages. 

During the event, Alexandra spoke about many different programs offered by Elevate. The Ambassador Program is an important aspect of Elevate. Iowa manufacturers have asked for additional ways in which they can engage their employees in efforts to promote manufacturing and solve the workforce shortage.

Ambassador Program:

The Ambassador Program presentations to groups and/or represents Elevate at major community events in his/her region each year.  Presentations may be to K-12 classrooms, teacher in-service days, parent nights, economic development groups, etc.  Events might include county fairs and other places K-12 students and parents are likely to be.  In some cases, Elevate will reach out to Ambassadors with opportunities but Ambassadors are also expected to find opportunities of their own (particularly to present in front of high school student or parent audiences).


During the Hub Huddle, manufacturers not only listened to Alexandra Monaghan; but also discussed amongst each other pertinent reasons for the skills gap. Four main points were discussed: the negative stigmatism of the manufacturing profession, flexible work hours that are family friendly, ownership within the company, and development of comradery/ family type environment.

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce hold these events to share information and develop the business that are stationed in and around the Quad Cities.  Sign up for the next Hub Huddle!

Tax Cuts and Job Act Seminar Success

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On March 9th 2018, the Hub Huddle hosted a presentation on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act given by our very own Kevin Santry. During the hour presentation a few of the following topics on the agenda were discussed: Qualified Business Income, Planning (Small Business), C-Corp Tax Rates, Business credits, Loss Limitation, Net Operation Loss, Business Interest, Cost Recovery and Depreciation, Accounting Methods, Like Kind Exchange, Compensation, Foreign Income, and Q&A. If you are interested in any information on these topics feel free to email us at or call our office (563) 293-8390.

The Hub Huddle is focused on an opportunity for manufacturing leaders to share, on a peer-to-peer basis, best practices for growth and strategies to overcoming challenges. Ending their sessions with a need/ lead segment were the manufactures have the option to share a need they could have. The purpose is to cultivate conversation among each other to help with problems they might be facing. Either by offering services or advice. They could also share a lead where they have been recently successful and can offer advice on how others could follow their lead.

After the presentation the Hub Huddle becomes a networking opportunity for those that have participated. Were you can share stories, offer advice, discuss business, and get to know each each other.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Hub Huddle

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Hub Huddles are an opportunity for manufacturing leaders to share, on a peer-to-peer basis, best practices for growth and strategies to overcoming challenges.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What You Should Know
Presented by Kevin Santry, Santry 360

What you will learn:
How to plan financially in light of the new tax bill
Tax law provisions impacting small businesses
Business deduction limits

Who should attend?
Small businesses, especially manufacturing

About the speaker
Kevin Santry has over 35 years’ experience in strategic, succession, tax and accounting for closely held businesses, helping stakeholders achieve their short- to long-term goals and exiting their business with a sense of accomplishment. Santry is considered a turnaround and crisis manager who assists businesses facing obstacles to get back on a path of productivity and profitability as well as a start-up consultant and creator of business plans that can breathe life into an individual, exciting ideas.

​Time will be provided for Q & A and networking with other attendees. This event is free to attend. Please register at or by calling 563.823.2676.

This program is presented by the Quad Cities Chamber’s Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub and the Defense Industry Adjustment Program.