Importance of Agriculture:

Associated with the production of essential food crops. Now agriculture goes above and beyond just farming. It includes forestry, dairy, fruit cultivation, poultry, bee keeping, mushroom, arbitrary, etc. As of today, processing, marketing, and distribution of crops and livestock products, etc. are all acknowledged as part of current agriculture. Thus, agriculture encompasses production, processing, promotion and distribution of the agricultural products. They play a critical role in the entire life of a given economy. They are one of the three parts that create the backbone of America.

Importance of Construction:

One of the cannonading industries of today that has a great impact on the economy of any nation. Any piece of infrastructure or real estate erected around us is undertaken by segments under the construction industry. Any kind of alterations in structuring properties are done by a professional construction company and has vast categories that include generic to civil engineering.  They are an important sector that contributes greatly to the economic growth of our nation. The construction industry is an investment-led sector where government shows high interest. Government contracts with the industry to develop infrastructure related to health, transport as well as the education sector.

Importance of Manufacturing:

Manufacturing is part of the very fabric of our country, helping to grow the economy by generating productivity, stimulating research and development, and investing in the future. Manufacturing has a positive effect on “personal” economics as well. Manufacturing employees make 20% more than the average wage. Some of the greatest minds throughout history have made their mark in the world of manufacturing through their inventions and solutions to finding “a better way.” The individuals working in these plants are inventive and are looking for new ways to make products better.