Integrated Tools

Integrated Business Planning Tools

From Vision to Value

Santry 360 uses a comprehensive suite of strategic tools to build core foundational processes to diagnose issues, correct and build a healthier organization to increase the long-term value

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Santry360 Strategic Planning Tools

Company Vision
  • Business “operating system”– Lays out VISION, identifies the right PEOPLE to execute the vision, using the correct PROCESSES  and DATA. This permits the organization to identify and overcome ISSUES, bringing accountability and discipline to the organization, and giving it TRACTION.
  • Cloud-based Accounting Software– (QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage InAcct, etc.) enables businesses and their advisors to collaborate in real time
  • Dashboard KPIs – enables building, tracking and monitoring financial and non-financial KPIs and being alerted when they fall outside of a desired range
  • Structure & Process – creating and meeting demand; finding and keeping customers; building teams and partnerships; and, being productive – making money.
Measure. Diagnose. Correct.
  • Operational and Market Driver Diagnostics (“Business Body Scan”) – provides a diagnosis of where operational weaknesses exist in the business, benchmarks them with their industry, and, provides a “CEO scorecard” to build and track value and growth
  • Financial KPI Diagnostics– utilizes industry benchmarking information to identify areas for improvement and forecasting tools to identify and prioritize improvement activities
  • Competitive Market Research Data – industry outlook, operational conditions, SWOT analyses, growth and potential economic sensitivity to enable a more informed “strategic” decision making process
  • Action Oriented Strategic Plan– utilizing the information from the “diagnostic” and market research tools to initiate structured conversations about the business to help identify opportunities to overcome the specific challenges of the company and design sustainable, scalable growth
Value Creation
  • Business Valuation– annual measure of the year over year value that has been created in the business adding the to the business owners net worth