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Santry 360 provides experienced accounting and tax advisory services for closely-held mid-market businesses in the Midwest. Talk to us about how we can help you create sustainable value and growth for your company.

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Virtual CFO Advisory

If your company doesn’t have a controller/CFO to provide the required strategic thinking, big-picture perspective, analytics, financial projections, and management skills you need, we have a solution.

Our skilled accounting and tax professionals can bring the necessary skill sets to your operation on a part-time/as needed basis as your virtual CFO.

  • We assist owners and management with developing, monitoring and evaluating overall corporate strategy.
  • This critical role supports the management team with key financial information and operational analytics, driving a culture of accountability in managing the business, adding value to operating businesses and voicing well-substantiated dissenting opinions.
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Strategic Tax Planning

Holistic tax advice that provides proactive, thorough and compliant tax reduction strategies to enhance tax efficiency.

This is done by an ongoing critical review of corporate structure, asset protection, executive compensation, employee benefits, succession, and estate planning for the owners.

This comprehensive holistic approach is important because if one facet of the business becomes impacted by a tax change, it can potentially have a cascading effect on other areas of the business.

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Tax Compliance

Our compliance professionals provide a breadth of expertise in tax administration and process improvement to help clients effectively manage their compliance process and focus on a broader strategic vision for total tax performance.

Our professionals work quickly to uncover and eliminate inefficient processes, offering strategic advice and sharing best practices based on years of experience providing organizations in multiple industries and jurisdictions a comprehensive suite of compliance services.

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Tax Resolution

Our professionals provide assistance spanning the various stages of IRS, state, and local examinations, from dispute avoidance to issue resolution and post-exam improvements. Through decades of working with clients on a broad range of tax issues, we have fine-tuned analytical procedures and planning methodologies to offer a solution that we can tailor to the specific circumstances of each client and each tax controversy.

  • Responding to all types of tax notices, including those involving unreported income, noncompliance penalties, collection activity, refunds, state residency, and nexus issues
  • Defending against IRS and state taxing authority audits and examinations involving income tax, estate and gift taxes, payroll taxes, and sales tax
  • Pursuing administrative appeals and other options to resolve audit, deficiency, collection, penalty, and delinquent election issues
  • Remediating noncompliance through a variety of procedures
  • Structuring and resolving collection issues through offers in compromise and installment agreement payment plans
  • Obtaining or seeking reinstatement of tax-exempt status for private foundations and public charities
  • Pursuing Technical Advice Memoranda and Private Letter Ruling requests
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Accounting Services


We tailor accounting services to each client including a mix of financial statement compilation, bank reconciliations, and bookkeeping services.

  1. Some of our clients use QuickBooks to record transactions and we step in at month-end to prepare financials,
  2. Other clients look to us for all of their accounting needs.

Your accountant should understand your systems and processes, as well as your staff’s capabilities. They should be flexible enough to do as little or as much as you want – all the while providing you with the tools and recommendations to improve your bottom line and strengthen internal controls.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

When a company experiences a financial downturn, it is critical to the long-term success of the business to understand the dynamics of the cash flow over the following four to six months.

A critical assessment of the short-term cash needs of the business is necessary to assist management as well as supporting stakeholders such as owners, lenders, and vendors in their decision-making process.

Why cash flow forecasts important:

  • Identifying potential shortfalls in cash balances
  • Enable you to see when problems or cash shortfalls are likely to occur so you can plan to avoid them
  • Ensure you have enough cash to pay suppliers and employees
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